Mission Statement

The name Sangat was chosen because it means togetherness. Sangat Community Association seeks to empower the local communities by its creative and innovative projects, which involve the local people at all levels, from user to management committee. Sangat is situated in a predominantly Asian area; its ethos is to provide services to all the areas diverse communities. It occupies a position of trust and respect in the minds of Keighley people and its various services are vital to the self-esteem and well being of a cross-section of the Keighley community.

Sangat seeks to work with all age groups to improve their quality of life in terms of better health, improved social conditions, educational opportunities and economic well being. Sangat plays an important and pivotal role in community development, one that is widely recognised, in supporting the Local Authority’s Social Inclusion and Building Communities Action Plan.

In addition, Sangat plays an essential role in empowering the community to provide a range of opportunities for volunteering, to become stakeholders in the wider community, connecting communities and promoting community cohesion.