Spirituality Event 2014 (Muslim Faith at Sangat) Feedback


“It was very good. I found it very interesting”

“Made people contacted and had a good day”

“We need more things like this for oganisations”. (United Response – Sharon Caral)

“Very Educational. Opened my eyes.” (Roy)

“It has been a very good day and it was good. One of our group said it was wonderful. Had a great day.”
“A brilliant day! Very informative & I learnt a lot. A beautiful religion! The whole day was very enjoyable!”

“Very welcoming, very enjoyable and very intereting.” (Andrew)

“Very good.”

“It has been a good day and I feel like I have learnt more about Ablution & Wudu and the 5 pillars of Islam.”

“A very good interesting day. Informative. Good food. I enjoyed the visit to the mosque.”

“I thought the speaker was amazing. Really clear and very interesting talk. The visit to the mosque was brilliant and the food was lovely too. Thank you .”

“Very Good.”

“Excellent, Informative & good food! Enjoyed visit to the mosque.”

“It was wonderful.”

“It was good. I learnt a lot and I liked the visit to the mosque.”