Seated Exercise

Seated excercise images

A Qualified EXTEND Tutor takes the class every Tuesdays at 11 am – 12 pm.

This session is held mainly for elderly menĀ and has proven to be exceptionally beneficial. Feedback shows that these sessions have helped reduce stress, improve overall health and well-being, increase mobility and flexibility, and for some, make them feel more energised and stronger. Participants are encouraged to do exercise regularly in order to receive maximum benefits.

The tutorĀ demonstrates how each exercise should be carried out in a safe and benficial way using music to encourage participation and enjoyment. The routines are changed to prevent boredom and maintain enthusiasm with a variety of additional aids used to create varied sessions.

We have a regular group of local elderly people who attend but also often see new faces who want to get involved and participate.

For more information about the exercise classes please call us onĀ 01535 610263 and we will be happy to help!