Healthy Eating


Our Healthy Eating project is a major part of our Health Awareness campaign. We hope to educate the local community about the value of eating healthy foods for them and their families. We aim to ensure that parents are aware of the national nutrition standards and that their children are provided with a healthy and balanced diet.

We use a variety of activities to help people understand first hand what a healthy diet needs to contain. We hold regular cook and eat sessions as described on the previous page and also regular shopping trips to local supermarkets for clients to understand which foods are suitable. Areas we cover are discussing food labels to understand what different ingredients and nutritional value each product contains.

These projects are designed to also help clients learn how to combine a healthy diet with a small budget so they can provide for their families on minimal money.

In order to try and encourage both the Asian community and others in the surrounding area to try new foods, in particular fruit, we hold tasting session at the centre. This is particularly aimed at mothers and children who we feel once shown the great variety of flavours and benefits will take these back to their families and learn to adapt their diets for a healthier future.