Health Awareness

Health awareness image

The Sangat Health Awareness Programme has continued to provide benefits to the community. Largely positive feedback indicates that out activities are proving to be beneficial while providing vital education to participants. Sangat’s regular walking group has now taken a new turn, we have developed activities and incorporated a jogging group into the programme.

We have seated exercise classes once a week for the elderly, helping them to become more physically active and motivated. We also take them to regular walks, including a lovely barbecue in Bolton abbey.

Cook and eat sessions have been delivered to the community members with opportunities to cook a healthy meal and share ideas with each other.

We also have health seminars regarding different issues such as; bowel cancer, smoking, breast-feeding awareness, MOT checks such as blood pressure, BMI checks (Body Mass Index), etc.

Sangat has many more activities such as shopping trips, aromatherapy sessions, arts and crafts, cycling, walking trip and variety of sport activities, mother and baby toddler group on a Wednesday afternoon.