Elderly Men/Women Day Centre

Elderly men excercising

The aims and objectives of the day care centre are to tackle isolation and boredom of elderly people, especially those with mental health needs. This is achieved through various interesting activities including soap making, glass painting, making Eid cards and other arts & crafts activities. These provide an excellent opportunity for the elderly to participate in activities that they have not previously done. Seated exercise sessions are held every Tuesday for men, which helps the elderly stay more active and improve their physical capabilities.

At Sangat we pride ourselves in taking care of our local community  and especially vulnerable groups such as the elderly. Our Day Care Centre has been one of our most consistent and regularly attended functions. Started in 1997 the day centre provides a unique opportunity within the elderly Asian community to gather together to enjoy a chat with old friends and a meal in the luncheon club. The centre is open to women on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and men on Mondays and Thursdays. Cooked meals are provided by local cooks from within the community to create authentic dishes which always go down well with the older generation.

Some of the key achievements have been:

Setting up walks as they have been enjoyable, varied, interesting and a change from the normal routine of participants. Also some participants reported taking up walking on a regular basis.

Setting up weekly food taster sessions for children and mothers, and getting mothers to encourage children to eat more fruit.  Providing a varied plan for cook and eat sessions to promote healthy eating and introducing new foods.

How to find out more or check if places are available, please contact Ghulam Rabani/Rukhsana Nazir  on 01535 610263/691314.