The Sangat Centre helps people with Immigration work, we run some ESOL  & Citizenship classes, we also do Advice Work as well. We have customers coming in to see the Advice Worker for advice on any benefits and other issues they may have.

When customers arrive they are greeted by the receptionist who will advise the client which member of staff would be best to deal with their problem or concern and direct them to the appropriate location within the centre.

Ghulam Rabani is the Centre Manager and he deals with clients who require benefit advice or if they have forms or documents which need to be completed. He can also give out Immigration Advice.

Amin Din is the Deputy Manager/Advice Worker and he also gives out information on benefits and helps customers complete passport forms or any other documents they may have.

Nadeem Ali is our co advice worker who helps clients with benefits and other general advice queries.

Rukhsana Nazir is our Female Development worker who is in charge of our women’s group that we cater for on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, she also helps with advice work.